The business of agriculture is dynamic and rich in diversity. We believe there is no better industry to be a part of than agriculture. Whether at the primary position or related business sectors, agriculture is a very high tech industry that requires people with diverse skills and talents. Agriculture has become very knowledge-based and highly intensified with technology advancements. It is for this reason, we believe attracting young people to agriculture is extremely important. We are very pleased to combine two of our passions through offering scholarship programs for youth. We will be releasing details about our two scholarships for 2018/2019 very shortly. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to see our launch of these this fall. Education is freedom – freedom to choose your path in life and realize whatever dreams and goals you may have, both today and in the future. We believe in agriculture and want to ensure there is skilled, knowledgeable youth involved in this industry. If your career path means you continue in agriculture or business, that’s great. If it takes you in other directions, we are pleased to participate in supporting whatever post-secondary education you choose to pursue. We love this industry and believe the people in the industry are some of the best mentors available for juniors today. Our entire team is excited about facilitating the ability for youth to participate in the industry while investing in your future education.