Don’t use old practices to manage new challenges.

Integrating information for your crop input decisions for greater profitability is a Blair’s specialty.

Choose a Partner with 73 Years of Firsts

  • Blair’s was the first in the region to import bulk agricultural fertilizers into Saskatchewan in 1948.
  • We were at the forefront of shepherding direct seeding technology in the 1980s.
  • Blair’s was one of the most progressive independent ag retailers in western Canada to help farmers successfully adopt novel trait canola varieties and systems.
  • Blair’s was one of the first to promote a preharvest application of glyphosate for the enhanced control of perennial weeds.
  • Blair’s was one of the first to pioneer the application of chemtrition.

As farmers rise to the challenge of feeding 9.7 billion mouths by 2050, we will need solutions, not just products.


Consider these new ag technologies (below), emerging to increase your productivity. Blair’s hallmark of being the first with new ideas and technologies is your obvious choice to capitalize on these new technologies:

Machine Learning

Training computers to identify weeds, diseases and other agronomic conditions accelerates automated field diagnostics. Sentera is one company already doing this commercially.

Regenerative Agriculture

Blair’s is proud to add regenerative agriculture products to our portfolio. Our goal is to continue to work with our customers to help them be more productive, efficient, sustainable and profitable. By providing targeted, reputable solutions to regenerative and organic agriculture growers, along with insightful agronomic advice, we believe we can help growers in the regenerative and organic production systems be more sustainable as well. We are also proud to announce that we are the exclusive distributor for Agriculture Solutions Inc. (AGSOL) products in Saskatchewan. For more information contact

Aerial Imagery 

UAV in-season imagery, plus satellite imagery, reveal how your crop’s doing while we can still make adjustments; and how global crops are doing in the aggregate, for marketing insight.

Autonomous Equipment

Robotic autonomous equipment, cultivators and sprayers. More targeted autonomous weed control and precision-fertility technologies are already in test mode. Automation will free you to spend more time planning.


This easier way to edit genes and heredity opens new horizons for beneficial resistance to pests, disease; the sky's almost the limit. CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, a streamlined way to add and delete genetic traits.

Already, Blairs.Ag Cattle Company is a globally ranked source of top-quality beef genetics.

The Cloud

Ag data in the cloud allows you to update or check your records anywhere, anytime. Make informed decisions by consulting or updating your always-updated cost of production, for example.

Internet Of Things. Sensors in your soils, in engines, at livestock gates, and in grain bins, for example, provide feedback wirelessly without human presence.

Tame Risk with Customized Solutions

We offer practical and profitable solutions based on listening, crafted with technology and experience -- Blair’s is on our fourth generation of providing solutions, not just products. Information and technology are valuable tools to anticipate and solve problems, reduce risk and identify opportunities particular to your situation. Come to us with your questions.

We provide solutions, not just products and services.

When Everyone Else is on the Highway, Take the Grid.

Research-based Agronomy Technologies and Services

Informed decisions on variety selection, crop planning, seeding, fertility assessments, pest and weed control, sustainable practices, and farm cost of production analysis are honed by AgIntelligence agronomists’ formal training and years of experience. Above all, though, is listening to your needs and situation.
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Smart Livestock Solutions

Allow Blair’s nutrition specialists to boost your efficiency per head and return on investment with individualized PerforMAX high quality products and customized rations. Blended with the best ingredients, hydroxy trace minerals and naturally sourced vitamin E, this is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Forage and ration testing are the foundation of solutions tailored to your livestock.

Our Business Portfolio

Blair’s provides a full range of bulk and specialty products and services to nurture your crops, from seed to crop nutrition, crop protection; and one of the most complete menu of service options, including:

Seed Treatment 
Right Fertilizer Source
Ground & Aerial Spraying
NH3 Delivery 
Custom Fertilizer
Grain & Fertilizer

Seven decades of strategic investment in infrastructure, people and advanced technologies support your enterprise. 


The Blair’s family of businesses supported by research-driven products and services, is best in class in western Canada. These include:

Blair's Crop Solutions

AgIntelligence leading-edge agronomy program Crop Inputs (fertilizer, custom blended macro- and micro-nutrients, crop protection, seed and seed treatments, and supporting services)

Blair’s Livestock Solutions

PerforMAX Nutrition – proprietary beef nutrition, beef rations, consulting, ration, forage and water analysis.

Blair’s.Ag Cattle Company (world class cattle genetics)

Quality Animal Nutrition

For beef, dairy, poultry, hog, equine and companion animals.

TexCana Logistics

Grain and fertilizer trucking.
Call us at (306) 699-1060 for all your custom trucking needs.

Hanley Terminal

State of the art secure fertilizer terminal.


Sustainable Practices and Sustainable Profits 

With an eye to future generations and sustainable profits, Truterra™ is a customized, big-picture evaluation of your crop-nutrient and soil health plans, Integrated Pest Management and Data Management plans. The goal is producing more with fewer inputs.…operating more cost-effectively and preserving resources for future generations. 

Your soil is your “factory,” and capitalizing upon cultural and biologic processes can help improve your allocation of resources. Proven new technologies deploy inputs more cost effectively and transparently. Truterra™ provides you with a full risk-management picture of economic, environmental and regulatory risk while seizing opportunities specific to your farm.

Community Investment

73 years of local roots link our past and future together

We’re honored to support vibrant local communities where we live and play. More than 73 years of local roots link our past and future together. Blair’s Community Investment Initiative invests heavily in towns and organizations. This includes youth organizations and teams, Ag in the Classroom, schools, ice rinks, civic groups, hospitals, clubs, and foundations.

To request Community Investment Initiative funding, click below to complete the ‘Investment Request Form’.

Join the Best Team there is in the Global, High-Tech Agriculture Industry

Our employees make the difference to our customers and local communities. If you’re a hardworking, passionate team player committed to the highest level of service and continuous improvement, check out our openings. Continuous improvement, diversity and advancement are key drivers at Blair’s.

Team up with the region’s most progressive company to feed the world efficiently and sustainably. Check out these employee profiles to meet your potential teammates.  



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