About MegaPlots

Canola is a predominant crop in Blair’s customers’ field rotations and a key crop in terms of managing net returns on a farm. Our team at Blair’s recognized the need to help our customers better understand how canola genetics performed in our local areas and environments.  We are home to large-scale canola plot trials commonly known as Blair’s MegaPlots.  The objective is to help our customers see how these canola varieties established, how they tolerated our local climatic conditions, and to observe other performance factors such as standability, harvestability and ultimately how these canola varieties yielded. Recently, we now also showcase a Soybean MegaPlot.

These MegaPlots have been a Blair’s initiative in partnership with participating seed companies and have been located near Blair’s Watrous and Rosthern facilities.  Blair’s retail locations host crop tours to showcase these canola and soybean varieties to provide our customers the opportunity to observe these varieties up close.

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