We have partnered with leading providers of seed genetics to supply you with canola and soybean seed options that focus on yield, harvestability, standability, or risk management options based on your farm’s requirements.

We have placed a sizeable effort and investment into understanding how many canola genetics perform in our local areas with our Blair’s MegaPlots. This allows you as a producer, local results to review all the data and decide which varieties earn a spot on your farm.

In recent years, planting corn has become of more interest to producers who are looking at ways to improve forage utilization for their livestock operations as a winter grazing option.  Additionally, Blair’s also has a supply of forage seed. Ask us about varieties or corn and forage seed available and how we can help you maximize the performance of your investment.

Seed Treatment 

We believe seed treatment has tremendous value and are a critical investment to get your crop established.  Our team is able to assist you when selecting seed treatments by discussing the benefits of each product, rates and application requirements. Additionally, we carry seed primer options that have the ability to help your seed establish a plant with healthy roots. Let us work with you to find which combination is best for your crop.








We offer a vast number of granular, liquid and peat inoculants to give your pulse crops the opportunity to prosper. It is critical to apply inoculants when seeding your pulse crops to help ensure the crop’s roots will grow nodules to fix nitrogen for the plant. Our team will be able to help you determine an option that is best suited for your farm based on your needs, expectations and operation’s set up.