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JBS Canada Investing In Brooks Through Their Hometown Strong Program

October 22, 2020 Building on its ongoing sustainability and social responsibility efforts, JBS Foods Canada today announced plans to invest $2 million to help Brooks, Alberta, respond to needs resulting from the coronavirus pandemic and invest in the community’s future. JBS Foods Canada has been working with...

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CP awards 2019-2020 Elevator of the Year in Canada and the U.S.

October 22, 2020 Canadian Pacific (TSX: CP) (NYSE: CP) is proud to announce two winners of CP's Elevator of the Year: Viterra Gull Lake (Canada) and CHS Northland Grain Hazel (U.S.). CP presents this award annually to the grain elevators that achieve high volumes from a single loading point while consistently...

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Change In Weather Slows Fall Field Work

October 22, 2020 Most crops are off the field here in Manitoba. Dane Froese is an Industry Development Specialist with Manitoba Agriculture. Read more

Join in on a Virtual Regatta

October 22, 2020 This virtual regatta is a fun and challenging activity for boat enthusiast, join in from the comfort of your home. Brought to you by Vendee Globe. Read more

New from NK Seeds in 2021: S005-C9X

October 22, 2020 SyngentaCanada - New from NK Seeds in 2021: S005-C9X Read more

Picking bales And more

October 22, 2020 South Sask Farmer - Picking bales And more Read more

Tips for winter combine storage

October 22, 2020 Cleanliness is the name of the game, an industry rep said By Diego Flammini Staff Writer As producers put a bow on the 2020 grain harvest, an important next step is preparing the more Read more

Border specialists intercept ag pests

October 22, 2020 Shipments of grapes and pumpkins contained seed bugs and cucumber moths By Diego Flammini Staff Writer Two potentially dangerous crop pests didn’t get a chance to establish more Read more

John Deere demos the X9 1100 Combine and C16F Folding Corn Head at the Virtual Farm Progress Show

September 15, 2020 Matt Badding, Product Marketing Manager with John Deere talks about the new X9 1100 Combine and C16F Folding Corn Head that are on display at the Virtual Farm Progress Show. John Deere has added two new models of X Series Combines to its 2021 harvesting lineup to help large-scale farmers...

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Top tips to manage Western Bean Cutworm in your fields

August 19, 2020 Bill Lester, Territory Sales Manager at Bayer Crop Science gives us some valuable tips on how to identify Western Bean Cutworm on our corn crop. He shares when to scout, and how to manage the pest if it is identified. Read more

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Dairy Farmers of Canada’s request for trade compensation is poorly timed

October 24, 2020 Most of us learned early that you need to keep your promises if you want to be trusted. In politics, promises are rarely kept, instead being wiggled out of, often after an election, giving politicians a terrible reputation in the trust department. In the last several years, supply management has not prevented Canada negotiating trade... Read More Read more

What will the future of ag research look like?— a LIVE! Q&A with Kelvin Heppner and Kara Oosterhuis

October 23, 2020 Recent cuts in Alberta government funded agriculture research has prompted the question: What’s the future of government funded ag research in Canada? Joining RealAg LIVE host Shaun Haney for this LIVE! are Kelvin Heppner and Kara Oosterhuis, RealAg’s own field editors from Manitoba and Alberta, respectively. Don’t miss RealAg LIVE! weekdays at 1 pm M/3... Read... Read more

RealAg Radio, October 23: Saskatchewan election, future of ag research, and a RealAg Issues Panel

October 23, 2020 This week marks four years since RealAg Radio kicked off on RuralRadio 147 on Sirius XM! Thanks for tuning in to our Friday edition of the show including an issues panel, you’ll hear: Todd Lewis, president of APAS and farmer in Saskatchewan; Andrew Campbell, dairy farmer at Strathroy, Ont.; and Kelvin Heppner, RealAg’s own field... Read More Read more

Fertilizer tariffs could affect fall and spring pricing

October 23, 2020 Fall is often a time when farmers think about pre-purchasing or putting down some fertilizer in order to save a buck and some time in advance of the coming year. For late 2020, fertilizer tariffs on imports into the U.S. is changing the price dynamic and causing some uncertainty. Russian and Moroccan fertilizer companies have... Read More Read more

Dairy farmers say time for trade compensation is now

October 23, 2020 The Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) is calling on the federal government to keep its promise on compensation for dairy farmers stemming from international trade deals that allowed for dairy product access into Canada’s supply managed value chain. “When a dairy farmer makes a commitment, his or her word is gold. We hold our government... Read More Read more

RealAg Radio, October 22: Potatoes at one end, apples at the other — a Farmer Rapid Fire!

October 22, 2020 It’s Thursday! And if you’re new around here, Thursdays are the day that your host Shaun Haney checks in with farmers from coast to coast. We call it the Farmer Rapid Fire. On today’s show you’ll hear from: Ryan Barrett of P.E.I.; Mark Huston of Ont; Randy Court of Man; Jeff Bennett of Sask; Jason... Read More Read more

Farmland to be included in Manitoba’s education property tax phase-out

October 22, 2020 The Manitoba government’s pledge to begin eliminating its education tax on property in 2021 includes farmland, according to a spokesperson for Finance Minister Scott Fielding. The phased elimination of school taxes on property starting next year was mentioned, without any details, in the Progressive Conservatives’ throne speech earlier this month. “Given the challenges we face…Manitobans... Read more

Combine capacity, operator comfort, and the move to seed green — a LIVE! Q&A with Torey Hadland

October 22, 2020 Lower horsepower tractors might be enjoying strong sales in the U.S. and Canada, but when it comes to combines, bigger is always better. For a discussion on trends in farm equipment, dealer networks, and the value of new and nearly-new combines, we’re joined by Torey Hadland, western Canadian division director with Claas Canada, for this... Read More Read more