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Quality Nutrition

You can’t expect high performance from your livestock with less than top quality minerals, supplements and complete feeds. That’s why Blair’s offers our proprietary PerforMAX animal nutrition products for beef producers. We also carry high quality products for poultry, sheep, hog, equine, dairy and companion animals.

Read the Summer 2019 edition of The Blair's Beef Report.

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Start with World Class Genetics

Genetic predictability sets the bar high for top-quality beef. Blairs.Ag Cattle Company offers world-class Red and Black Angus genetics.

The same company you rely on for high quality crop inputs and services can accelerate your genetic progress and product quality. Blairs.Ag Cattle Company is patronized by global elite purebred herds for our semen and embryos.
For further information on Blairs.Ag Cattle Company genetics, please contact:
Kevin Blair (306) 365-7922
Blake MacMillan (306) 528-7484
Kent McCune (306) 602-8629