Precision Farming

Blair’s Family of Companies is partnered with Farmers Edge to deliver precision ag services to our farm clients.  Blair’s vision and mission have always been to be the leading provider of precision agriculture solutions for farmers that is based on trusted and innovative agronomic principles and practices.  Our dedicated team of agronomy professionals will deliver a comprehensive precision farming approach that gives our customers the opportunity to improve their profitability and sustainability.  This fits well with Farmers Edge vision.

Famers Edge has 10 years of research and development both on and off the field and specializes in data science, precision agronomy, GIS, hardware engineering, software development, soil science, and sustainability.  They offer leading variable rate technologies that will make land more productive, optimize inputs and make operations more sustainable.

Technology is ever-changing and Blair’s is proud to be there to support our clients through this partnership which allows us to bring up to date support, innovations and revenue to farming operations.