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Fall Fertilizer Application Facts and Tips:

Fall Broadcast Tech Sheet

Fall Spreading – Elemental Sulphur and Potash – Quick Facts

Debunking Cold Weather Myths of Fall-Applied Nitrogen


Your farm’s fertilizer strategy is a critical management decision. It is likely the single largest investment you will make for your crop.  Our team of professionals at Blair’s can help you analyze the best options for your farm by considering factors such as; equipment set up, soil testing and analysis, yield and profit goals and your farm’s logistics.

Blair’s offers a comprehensive portfolio of crop nutrition products that include;  dry, liquid, controlled release, micronutrients, foliar, and nitrogen efficiency products.  We are able to supply these products through bulk order or custom blends to suit your farm’s needs. Being a multi-faceted business, the option to have your fertilizer delivered to farm is also readily available  Talk to your Blair’s ag retail location to see how our product offerings can be used to maximize your production while earning you a profit.