Crop Inputs

At Blair’s, we offer a selection of crop input products that not only serve the needs of farmers but do so in a way that allows for profitability with the highest level of value.

Crop Nutrition

We provide a wide range of bulk and specialty fertilizer products which include nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, sulphur, Microessentials S-15, ESN, and Super U, and we are able to provide fertilizers in a custom blend for your operation. We also carry a number of micronutrient products which are available in both granular and liquid forms.  Our fertilizer distribution terminal in Hanley is a value-added benefit for our customers as it allows us to accommodate fertilizer supply and demand in a more efficient manner.

Crop Protection 

We know the importance of offering a large portfolio of products in the areas of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, inoculants, and seed treatments. We believe in innovation and know that farms have many different and individual needs. To serve this, our knowledgeable team makes it a priority to source options that offer the best value to our customers or that provide specific advantages for each farming operation.


Blair’s offers a wide selection of Liberty Link, Round Up and Clearfield varieties. Variety options are continually progressing and advancing. We invite you to have a conversation with your Business Agronomist to discuss what variety is best suited for your farm.

Blair’s carries a comprehensive line of seed treatment products to ensure we are able to serve each farm’s need to protect their investment. We believe seed treatment has tremendous value and is a critical investment to get your crop established.



Blair’s offers custom farm services such as seeding, harvesting, in-crop spraying, aerial application, and trucking. Contact Blair’s ag retail location nearest you to find out what services are available to meet your farm’s needs.

Agronomists take soil samples throughout the fall and spring to acquire nutrient details from the soil. These are then analyzed and used to discuss nutrition plans that best align with your farm’s budget, yield and revenue goals.  Our AgIntelligence Specialists are also available to do in-field scouting and offer services like plant tissue tests for analysis to understand any nutrient deficiencies or plant health challenges you may be experiencing on farm.