Careers at Blair’s

Considering a Career in Agriculture… Consider a Career with Blair’s

We believe that the business of agriculture is dynamic and rich in diversity. Agriculture is where it happens because we produce food, feed and energy. Whether at the primary position or related business sectors, agriculture is a very high tech industry which requires people with diverse skills and talents. Our business has been very fortunate to attract people and customers who are diverse in skills, talents and education and this has allowed our business to grow and prosper.

Agriculture has become very knowledge based and technology changes quickly – that is why we believe attracting people to the business of agriculture is extremely important. We regularly recruit online at the University of Saskatchewan, through the GROW Community of Independents website, and we have a summer student program that allows young people to experience our company and culture which can definitely lead to the possibility of full-time employment. In addition, we have invested in the Blairs.Ag Cattle Co. Junior Scholarship Program which is linked to our livestock business to actively encourage young people to enroll in post-secondary education.

Current Positions Available at Blair’s: