Agronomy Solutions

Managing Risk from Weather and Pests are Why We Exist.

We are your progressive home team to compete in today’s global marketplace, with intelligent staff, intelligent solutions, and high quality products and services. Rely on Blair’s to adapt proven technologies to solve your problems cost-effectively.

The same company that pioneered direct seeding, preharvest, controlled-release fertilizers, micronutrients, fungicides, chemtrition, sustainable agriculture and precision ag is your go-to for the next generation of georeferenced tests, crop imagery, variable-rate seeding and fertility prescriptions, weed-resistance plans, variety trials and digital decision aids, to name just a few. Our commitment to local canola agronomy is known across western Canada with Blair’s MegaPlot canola trials. We’ve added soybean MegaPlots and nitrogen stabilizer trials to round out our menu of first-hand trials.

Agronomy Answers

Manage field variability and weather risk using your local data, powered by precision-ag technology. Backed by leading-edge tools like Winfield United R7® and Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN™, Blair’s home team uses information as an input, plus georeferenced soil tests, in-season tissue tests and crop scouting, aerial imagery and relevant research, to pilot your profits each stage of the growing season.

Informed decisions on variety selection, crop planning, seeding, fertility assessments and prescriptions, pest and weed control, sustainable practices, and cost of production analysis are honed by formal training, research and experience. Above all, though, is listening to your needs and situation.

Our Customers’ Stories

Listen to our customers talk about why they do business with Blair’s, and you’ll hear recurring themes: Knowledgeable, innovative, new technologies, service oriented. But don’t take our word for it, here are a few customers and their own words:

   We’ve done business with Blair’s for 20 years. I value their advice, their network of people with solutions and answers, they’re doing a great job. Their people are very knowledgeable, they have great advice, and they’ve got my back. 
– Todd Wildeman, Esk, Saskatchewan
    I like their personal customer service, their knowledge, the service. We’ve learned a lot from them about new products and will continue to do business with Blair’s in the future.
– Keith Siemens, Guernsey, Saskatchewan​
   They keep up with the latest technologies, have sound advice, have expertise, and keep their prices down, for as long as my dad and I have farmed (40 years). They keep us up to date on new products and new ways of doing things. They know their stuff, and they’ll come help you even if you reach them at home during seeding or harvest.
– Brandon and David Arnst, Jansen, Saskatchewan​​
    My father and I have done business with Blair’s for as long as I can remember. They have knowledgeable people and make sure we’re sustainable and use smart practices. I trust the quality people I deal with; we’re all in this together.
Ross and Darryl Reynolds, Nokomis, Saskatchewan​
    Trust is the most valuable resource, and it’s an awesome partnership that we have, we trust them. Blair’s has always been fair with me, has the best advice and best deals that they can. I’m not an expert in everything, and they have the resources to find the answers for me. They really care.
Ian McLellan, Holdfast, Saskatchewan​
    We’ve done business with Blair’s for 14 years, because of good supply, service, price and people. Good service is a big thing, where everyone wins.
Greg Wolff, Liberty, Saskatchewan​

Precision, Professionalism and Placement Make the Difference between Profit and Loss.

  • Reliable diagnostic and prescriptive services, including grid soil testing
  • Planning and custom-planting zone seeding rates
  • Seed treatments
  • Delivering anhydrous ammonia
  • Tissue sampling
  • Recommending and applying crop protection products (ground or aerial)
  • Diagnosing and controlling diseases and weeds
  • Topdressing / sidedressing N in season
  • Custom seeding and harvesting
  • Blair’s custom fertilizer and grain delivery smooth the kinks out of your hectic planting and harvest seasons

All at the right time with accurately calibrated and maintained equipment. Call your Blair’s location early to book your nutrient needs.

Crop Nutrition and Precision Ag

Blair’s carries a broad range of bulk and specialty fertilizers including N, P, K, S, MicroEssentials S-15, ESN, and Super U. We can also custom blend these for your operation. We also carry starter fertilizer and several granular and liquid micronutrients.

We also offer precision-ag technology in partnership with Farmers Edge. It’s the perfect way to target your seed and nutrients where you have the most yield potential.

Farmers Edge has 10 years‘ expertise in data science, precision agronomy, digital record analysis, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), software development, soil science, sustainability, and hardware engineering. Your farm’s soil and tissue tests, aerial imagery, drainage maps, seeding rates, zone details, and past yields, are combined and analyzed to customize fertility prescriptions for your farm. Problem areas are geolocated for follow-up treatments in-season. Saving or reallocating inputs also makes your operation more sustainable, losing fewer nutrients and soil.

Technology to the Rescue

Blair’s is excited to soon to launch our Winfield United R7 tool that uses information as a valuable crop input tool.

Stay tuned and ask your Blair’s Ag Business or AgIntelligence Specialist how you can be part of the Blair’s – Winfield R7 technology team.

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Sustainable Practices and Sustainable Profits

With an eye to future generations and sustainable profits, Blair’s goal is to help farmers produce more while optimizing crop inputs. Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN™ is a customized, confidential, big-picture evaluation of your crop-nutrient and soil health plans, integrated pest management and data management plans. 

Think of your soil as your “factory.” Optimizing the soil’s biologic processes can increase nutrient cycling and improve your resource allocation.

Tracking your agronomic, tillage and conservation practices and results, assessing herbicide rotations, considering nitrogen stabilizer use,  and reviewing what’s worked locally to reduce nutrient and soil loss, keeps you ahead of anticipated environmental regulations and public scrutiny.

SUSTAIN™ provides you with a confidential, full risk-management picture of economic, environmental and regulatory risk while seizing opportunities specific to your farm.

Crop Protection Cuts Risk

Blair’s offers a broad range of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, inoculants, and seed treatments. These include crop protection products you know and trust from Adama, BASF, Bayer, Corteva, FMC, Gowan, Syngenta, and Winfield United, to name a few. More importantly, Blair’s offers the expertise to support their use accurately, cost effectively, sustainably, and in a timely way by licensed operators.

Seed and Seed Treatments

Blair’s offer a full range of canola, soybean, forage and corn seed options, with traits selected for optimum performance in your local area. Refer to the data on our Canola, Wheat and Soybean MegaPlots to see how varieties have performed in your local area.

Choose from brands you know and trust, including Brett Young, Canterra, Dekalb, InVigor, and Pickseed.

Protect your quality seed investment with seed treatments and N-fixing inoculants for your pulse crops. Your Ag Business or AgIntelligence Specialist can help you choose the most appropriate ones for your farm.

AgIntelligence Team

Blair’s has a knowledgeable team of agronomic specialists at all our locations including: 

Stop in or call any Blair’s AgIntelligence Specialists