TexCana Logistics


Blair’s Family of Companies is proud to announce a new division of our business called TexCana Logistics.

TexCana Logistics was born out of the need to help our customers and our ag retail operations move agricultural products more efficiently through the agriculture supply chain.  2013 produced one of the largest crops in the history of western Canadian crop production, however, getting that crop to market became a significant challenge.  Similarly, the movement of other agricultural products, specifically fertilizer, has become a significant challenge as product for our ag retails operations comes from several points across Canada and the United States.  We see this challenge as an opportunity, and we believe TexCana Logistics will provide solutions for enhanced movement of agricultural products throughout North America.



TexCana Logistics is managed by Jenny Thompson, based out of our Blair’s McLean location. Jenny has several years of experience in managing truck freight logistics.  Need some grain moved?  Call us – we are open for business and would be pleased to have one of our fleet of trucks deliver fertilizer to your farm and haul your grain to market.


Further inquiries can be directed to:

TexCana-Jenny-ThompsonJenny Thompson
Office – 306-699-1060
Fax – 306-699-1061
Cell – 306-531-6066





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