Blair’s offers one of the most comprehensive lists of ag retail services in Saskatchewan. We offer ground and aerial application, custom seeding and harvesting, and seed treating.

Custom Seeding

44 foot Seedhawk

44 foot Seedhawk

Custom seeding is done with our 44 foot Seedhawk. It is equipped with liquid fertilizer. Book acres early to ensure availability.




On-Farm Certified Seed Treating

Treating seed with seed treater on farm

Certified seed treaters on farm

We are certified seed treaters and can come directly to your farm with our mobile seed treating system.






Spraying and Dribbling Equipment



We have three rogators available to meet all of your spraying and dribbling needs. These sprayers are equipped with GPS guidance and 100 foot booms to minimize tracks.





Aerial Application

Yellow crop dusters


For all of your seeding, insecticide, fungicide, and pre-harvest requirements, we have planes available for custom use.




Custom Combining

CAT Lexion Combine

560 Conventional CAT Combine

Custom combining is available with our 560 Conventional Cat Combine. Trucking is also available. Book acres early to ensure availability.






 NH3 Delivery

NH3 Delivery

Many producers continue to use NH3 as a means of nitrogen fertilizer for their farms.   Blair’s provides  full service anhydrous ammonia equipment for all your application needs.  Due to the demand of NH3,  please advise us early in the summer for fall application and early in the fall for spring application.  Our team of dedicated professionals provides knowledgeable, safe and efficient anhydrous ammonia service.