Buying Seed From Blair’s

Whether you are looking for canola or forage seed, we have partnered with some of the world’s leading providers of seed genetics. We have placed a sizeable effort and investment into understanding how many canola genetics perform in our local areas so as a producer you can review all the data and decide which varieties earn a spot on your farm.

In recent years, planting corn has become of more interest to producers who are looking at ways to improve forage utilization for their livestock operations as a winter grazing option.   Ask us how to help you maximize the performance of your corn investment.

Our Seed Suppliers

Some of the leading edge seed companies we work with are:

Brett Young Seeds
Cargill Specialty Canola Oils
NorthStar Seeds
Dow AgroSciences

Seed Treatments

If you are looking for bulk cereal or pulse seed options, call us, in some cases we can get you the seed directly or recommend a seed grower in your area.  Don’t forget to test your bulk seed for germination, vigour and health.  We would be pleased to recommend a seed lab for testing.


We believe seed treatment has tremendous value and is a critical investment to get your crop established.    In addition to seed treatment products, we also carry many seed primer options that have the ability to help your seed establish a plant with healthy roots, ask us for the combination that is right for your crop.  If you haven’t heard of Chemtrition – ask your Blair’s professional for all the details today!  Our seed treatment and seed primer partners include:

ATP Nutrition
Taurus Technologies