Crop Nutrition


Deciding on the appropriate fertilizer strategy for your operation is a critical management decision as it is likely the single largest investment you will make in your crop.  Our team of professionals at Blair’s can help you analyze the best options for your farm.  We recommend the following strategy when planning your crop nutrition.

Blair’s 10-Step Crop Nutrition Strategy

  1. Equipment Set Up – begin plan with understanding your equipment set up.
  2. Soil Testing – using methodology that is scientific and accurate.
  3. Analyze Soil – review results and understand how they relate to yield goals.
  4. Goals – evaluate the dollars and cents through discussing your production goals and your planned investment.
  5. Fertility Prescriptions – review different fertility prescriptions and select blends that align with your production goal and investment budget.
  6. Logistics and Terms – discuss which options for purchasing and taking possession of your fertilizer makes most sense for your farm.
  7. Tissue Testing – tissue tests are to understand how your fertilizer investment is being used by the crop and whether we need to balance crop nutrition to maximize yields and returns.
  8. Analyze Tissue – review the tissue test results and recommend foliar prescriptions if required.
  9. It’s in the Bin – evaluate and discuss the crops’ yields and provide us with feedback on the whole crop nutrition process.
  10. Start the planning cycle for the next crop year – planning early provides more potential for profit that we can add to your farming operation.


A Toolkit of Crop Nutrition Products

Blair’s offers a comprehensive portfolio of crop nutrition products from dry, liquid, controlled release, micronutrients, foliar products, and nitrogen efficiency products.  Call your Blair’s crop professional today!

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Sulphur source – T-50

Nitrogen source – Super U