Crop Nutrition

Deciding on the appropriate fertilizer strategy for your operation is a critical management decision as it is likely the single largest investment you will make in your crop.  Whether you are looking for dry, liquid, controlled release, products to improve nitrogen utilization, micronutrients, or deciding on foliar applications, the professionals at Blair’s can help you analyze the best options for your farm.  We recommend the following strategy when planning your crop nutrition.

Blair’s 10-Step Crop Nutrition Strategy

  1. Equipment Set Up – Your Blair’s crop nutrition professional will want to start the discussion about your fertility plan by understanding your equipment set up.
  2. Soil Testing – We recommend soil testing using methodology that is scientific and accurate.
  3. Analyze Soil – Once your soil tests results are in, we will invite you to review the results with us.
  4. Goals – A big part of the fertility plan comes down to dollars and cents, and so we ask that you share with us your production goals for your crop and help us understand the investment you are considering based on your production goals.
  5. Fertility Prescriptions – Once we understand your production goals and fertilizer investment plans, we will work with you to review different fertility prescriptions.  Once you see what you like, we can confirm those blends.
  6. Logistics and Terms – Getting the fertilizer to your farm is an important part of the conversation.  We will make sure we discuss which options for purchasing and taking possession of your fertilizer makes most sense for your farm.
  7. Tissue Testing – So the fertilizer got to the farm and has been put in the ground.   Now what – well, we believe that tissue tests are an important part of understanding how your fertilizer investment is being used by the plant and whether we need to balance crop nutrition in the crop to maximize yields and returns.
  8. Analyze Tissue – When we receive the results of your tissue tests, we will review the results with you and recommend foliar prescriptions if required.
  9. It’s in the Bin – We want to know how your crop performed, so please let us know your yields and provide us with feedback on the whole crop nutrition process.
  10. Start the planning cycle for the next crop year – The more planning we can do early in the fall for next year’s crop, the more potential for profit that we can add to your farming operation.

A Toolkit of Crop Nutrition Products

Blair’s offers a comprehensive portfolio of crop nutrition products from dry, liquid, controlled release, micronutrients, foliar products, and nitrogen efficiency products.  Call your Blair’s crop professional today!

Sulphur source – T-50

Nitrogen source – Super U