About Us

History & Introduction

Blair’s Fertilizer was started in Drake, Saskatchewan by Sandy and Lindsay Blair in 1948, when, while farming, they became interested in the possibility of using fertilizer, so they brought in some Elephant brand fertilizer from Cominco and it was the first rail car of fertilizer that was brought into Saskatchewan. Ron Blair later took over the business. Ron’s son Kevin and nephew Darren joined the business, Kevin in 1988 and Darren in 2000. Kevin became CEO in 2003 and is a 50/50 partner in the business with Darren. Over the years the business has grown not only in locations, which they now have seven of in Lanigan, Nokomis, Watrous, Liberty, McLean, Strongfield and Lipton, but in businesses. Within Blair’s are Blair’s, Blair’s Crop and Livestock Solutions, Blair’s SportsMaster Pro, and Blairs.Ag Cattle Company. Blair’s has everything to cover your farming, livestock, and gaming needs.

Our Business Culture & Philosophy

Our team of agriculture professionals are passionate about the business of agriculture.  Along with our business, many of our employees have their own personal stake in agriculture and therefore, have a very in-depth understanding of agriculture from the grassroots level.  Our goal is to bring innovation and new technology to our customers that can make a profitable impact on their farms.   Our business is large enough to attract strategic alliances with other companies like agricultural manufacturers, yet nimble enough to adapt to the ever changing landscape in agriculture.  We have pioneered crop technologies like direct seeding, preharvest of glyphosate in-crop,  pre-seed burnoff applications,  controlled release nitrogen, and micronutrient applications to name a few.  Our goal is always to provide our customers with solutions that are practical, applicable and profitable.  We believe that no one cares more about our customers operations than Blair’s.

People & Customers

With over 60 full time and over 30 seasonal part time employees, our business services over 2800 customers annually.    Our customers are independently owned family farms, corporate farms, and individual proprietorships.  Our customer own and control land bases of anywhere from 1500-25,000 acres each.  These farms are focused on the business of grain and livestock production, with many of these farms being leaders in the business of agriculture in their communities.

Owners & Contact Information

Kevin & Noreen Blair – Box 610 Lanigan, Saskatchewan, S0K 2M0
Office: (306) 365-3150
Cell: (306) 365-7922
Email: kevin@blairs.ag

Darren & Deb Blair – Box 610 Lanigan, Saskatchewan, S0K 2M0
Office: (306) 365-3150
Cell: (306) 360-7707
Email: darren@blairs.ag


Main product areas include the following:

Crop Nutrition – Includes fertilizer products such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, sulphur, Microessentials S-15, ESN, Super U.  We also carry a number of micronutrient products.  These products come in both granular and liquid forms and in the case of anhydrous ammonia, in a gas form.

Crop Protection – We carry literally hundreds of products in the areas of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, inoculants, and seed treatments.

Animal Nutrition products – We sell a full line of animal nutrition products for beef, dairy, poultry, hog, equine and companion animals.  The products range from minerals and supplements to complete feeds.

Professional Agronomy Services –  We have a team of six full time professional agronomists who work directly with farms helping them with science based decisions on their farms.

Custom Services –  Blair’s offers many custom services such as seeding, harvesting, in-crop spraying, aerial application, and custom trucking services.

Animal Genetics – Through our company, Blairs.Ag Cattle Company we provide sales of live animals, embryos and semen around the world.  We have exported live cattle, semen and embryos to many states in the United States of America, Columbia, Mexico, and Kazakhstan.

Our Brands

This brand is the operating name of our crop and animal nutrition businesses

This brand and logo is the operating identity for our wildlife nutrition and wildlife management business


This brand is the operating identity for our animal genetics business

This logo represents our Professional Agronomy services available to farmers in Western Canada

TexCana Logistics is a transportation and logistics division of Blair’s Family of Companies that focuses on the movement of agricultural products, mainly grain and fertilizer