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financial-solutions-1We recognize that farming is a very capital intensive business.  Flexible crop input financing is a key part of planning your farm’s profitability as it allows the time you need to grow and market your crops effectively.  At Blair’s we have taken the care and time to meet with many providers of crop input financing to ensure the products and services they offer can meet the business needs of our customers.  We recognize that no two farms are the same and that is why your Blair’s Business Agronomist is equipped with many financial options to help you select the right financial options for your farm to ensure you can grow your best crop.

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If You Are New to Blair’s…

If you are a new customer to Blair’s, we would like your help to ensure we set up your account information when you come and visit your Business Agronomist.  Simply print off the document below, fill it in at home, or bring it to your local Blair’s office and we will help you go through it – it just takes a few minutes to complete.


New Client Form

How the Process Works

As you are planning your crop input needs, simply ask your Blair’s Business Agronomist about our crop input financing programs, they will visit with you one on one and help you determine which options may be best for your farming operation.  Your Blair’s Business Agronomist will provide you with application forms and then you have the ability to ask Blair’s to confidentially submit the application(s) for you, or you can submit them directly.  Once you have gone through the application process, the financial services company may ask you to submit some identification verification and then your credit limits will be set and forwarded to us.    At that point, you can start purchasing your crop input products and simply advise your Blair’s Business Agronomist which credit limit to apply your purchases against.  Most of the financial services provided have flexible payment arrangements allowing you the time you need to grow, harvest and market your crop before repayments are required.  Call your Blair’s Business Agronomist for more information, we would be happy to help you find the crop input financing tools best suited to your farm.