Sustainable Agriculture

What is SUSTAIN?

SUSTAIN is a sustainable agriculture approach that aims to further build trust from the farmgate to the consumer by providing greater transparency about how food is grown and produced. It is a partnership of farmers, agriculture retailers, food processors, distributors and industry leaders. Together these partners will educate and dialogue with consumers about farming and agriculture practices


The SUSTAIN platform will engage stakeholders in actions that:

  • Grow transparency in food production by ensuring farmers are more engaged with consumers through social media, on farm and virtual on farm visits and tours, and by working with food company partners.
  • Promote technology and efficiency measures to create greater economic opportunities by ensuring farmers have access to products and technologies that improve nutrient utilization, including precision farming technologies.
  • Implement additional strategies that further protect and enhance our natural resources and continually improving actions such as nutrient stewardship plans, the use of cover crops, conservation tillage and water management strategies.