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In the over 65 year history of our company, we have always taken the road less travelled when it comes to leading edge agronomy. We are proud of that heritage and we continue to subscribe to that philosophy so that our agronomy program will continue to be leading edge for our customers. Sure, tried and true agronomic practices need to be respected, but often times pushing the envelope, thinking outside the box and actually field testing it in our own environments makes all the difference in the world. It is our commitment to locally testing technology that has meant the most to our customers and has had the biggest impacts on their operations. Examples of Blair’s pioneering local technologies has included direct seeding in the 1980’s, preharvest in the 1990’s, controlled release fertilizers, micronutrients, fungicides and chemtrition to name just a few. Our commitment to local canola agronomy is known across Western Canada with Blair’s MegaPlot canola trials.

Blair’s agronomic services include fertility planning, crop planning, farm cost of production analysis, scouting services and precision agriculture.  Stop in at any Blair’s location and ask to speak to one of our very knowledgeable AgIntelligence Specialists – better yet, call us and we would be very pleased to come to your farm to discuss how we can support your crop production goals.